About CBC

We started Cotswolds Business Connect, in mid-2023, the core of the current members have been networking together for the last 5 years, and despite the pandemic and other distractions, as a group, we have all become really good friends, and as a consequence, we have all thrived over that time.

We realised that our strengths as a network group were based on the experiences and knowledge that we share as friends, as well as the business we pass amongst ourselves. Like other networking groups we commit our time to helping each other and we do this out of friendship, pride and a natural sense of duty to each other. We continue to grow in numbers and have recently welcomed several new members who each bring different skills, personalities and business to the group, we are blessed with many visitors every time we meet and hope that our ethics and methods of networking will resonate with them and spark an interest in joining CBC.


One of our CBC meetings
CBC group photo

Our Mission, and we have chosen to accept it!

Is to do all the obvious networking stuff, like, increase our revenues and learn new stuff to help our businesses thrive but also to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore, to make it fun, yes that’s a real cliche but we really do have fun. We nurture our collective skills for the greater good of the group and all those in it.

Why Choose Us

Because we are awesome obviously!!

Oh, and a few other reasons as detailed below:

Our membership fees go directly into our group, not to some head office in God Knows Whereville!

We spend those fees on ourselves, mostly on merriment and more merriment.

We meet face-to-face twice a month in an awesome pub called the Fox in Barrington, which is owned by an equally awesome member of our group.

Our meetings start at 09.30 and usually end at about 11.30, many of us hang around after for lunch or just to have other meetings.

The meetings do follow (sort of) a structure of formality, so we all get a chance to shout about how awesome we are and for us to get know each other and our visitors a little better.

Our membership fees are either £480 per year (paying £40 per month) or £440 if paid in one lump.

The Fox lays on some awesome tea, coffee, and pastries for us as well.

All we ask of our fellow members is that they are awesome at what they do, enjoy themselves and want to have some real fun and make new friends while networking.


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If you are interested in Visiting, Joining or just want to chat..

Contact us on the link below

We are currently looking for the following types of businesses to join our group